Out of the Ordinary

August 19, 2009





Lucha Libre or “Free wrestling” is a term used in Mexico to describe this sport of Passion, Mystery, and Masked Wrestlers. The mask has always been a prominent piece of Lucha Libre since the beginning. Some say it goes all the way back to Aztec influence. Early masks were very simple and were just meant to hide the wrestler’s identity. Slowly though the designs became more complex to symbolize animals, gods, villains, and heroes.


In fact the mask helps divide Lucha Libre into two camps. The Tecnicos (good guys) and the Rudos (bad guys) are dueling forces in Lucha Libre and often use the mask to make this serious distinction.


Sometimes the stakes are raised when wrestlers agree to put their identity on the line for a Mask fight. The loser of the fight has to remove their mask and reveal their identity. How serious is that you ask? Very Serious! Taking off a mask is a big deal and often wrestlers can never wear a mask in the ring again. If you think about the fact that wrestlers often don’t take off their masks even in public and El Santo, one of the original wrestlers was buried with his mask on you see just how important that piece of cloth is.

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Drawing by Grzegorz Kowalczyk via BOOOOOOOM!