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By Jennifer

I am trolling Craigslist every hour for any possible odd job a recent college graduate with a humanities degree could qualify for. So far, I have gotten involved in several checking scams and a fight with casting company that did not tell me about a registration fee. Yes, I should have worked harder to get into graduate school or looked for a job earlier in this woeful economy. It’s my fault I have gotten myself into this rut and I am not looking for someone to blame. I just like complaining. Everyone older than me is telling me to relax and take it easy. Enjoy my youth, they say. Except to enjoy my fast fading youth, I need some cold hard cash. Thus, I find myself in the position of sifting through Craigslist and dodging my family’s concern for my future.

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Yale Open Courses

July 8, 2009

There is something exciting going on in the education world. Something really exciting….

We go to school when we are children to learn and develop our minds, maybe to become productive members of society 

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5 Stars, A+, CHECK +, Two Thumbs Up!


" Am I having fun yet?"

I was circling the blocks on Vermont between Sunset and Hollywood on a Friday night, swerving in and out of a tight two way road. “Where is it?” I asked myself as the blue blip on the map function of my iphone paused. I had found this restaurant on Yelp before I left the house but like other smart phone users had  neglected to really look up directions, thinking that I could always rely on my smart phone when I got there.  After twenty minutes of searching, I finally get there. A small Italian restaurant dimly lit by lights on the inside.

I was there on a date, a second one, and I had to impress. We all know how the first date is important, but not as important as the second one, that is the date where…. wait that’s a story for another day. Anyways when I have to impress I always scour the web for positive reviews for a restaurant. I start by hitting Yelp, usually a good place to help thin out the crowd. Look for an area you are going to be around, find the type of food you want to eat, pick the highest ranking restaurant, and start reading the reviews. I try to answer my more practical questions ones first:  How much does it cost?  Is the food any good? What is the ambiance like? I usually narrow it down to three or four. Next I go to chow-hound or food blogs to see if people have eaten there and taken pictures. I usually end up with two or three restaurants before I start considering which one is the best one for the night. If I am going on a date, which one she will like the best and give me the best opportunity to impress. This seems like a lot of trouble doesn’t it?

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