10 Graphic Novels that you should read

July 31, 2009

This list is in no particular order but here are 10 amazing comic books that everyone should read. Deep, thoughtful, and amazingly good reads. Check out our interview with The Secret Headquarters Comic Book Store Here.

1. Black Hole- Charles Burns

About 1970s Seatle Teens and a mysterious outbreak that seems to be effecting all the teenagers in the area. Very haunting and dark read. It will create a black hole in you! I promise that.

black hole comic book

2. Optic Nerve or anything Adrian Tomine really

Tomine really touches you with his meloncholy tales of the city. Great to read on a park bench under a tree.


3. Asterios Polyp – David Mazzucchelli

Hard to explain why this is so good. Visually it is amazing, and the writing is great.


4. AKIRA- Katushiro Otomo

There are a lot of great Manga series out there but as a self contained book Akira is one of the most densely packed. Action, excitement, and post apoloclyptic philosophy… and motorcycle gangs!


5. Y The Last Man – Brian Vaughan

What if you were the Last Man on earth and hunted down by masses of women around every corner. Sounds like everyman’s fantasy… Not here.

y the last man

6. Batman- The Dark Night Returns – Frank Miller

Enough has been said about this book. Batman redefined.


7. Bone- Jeff Smith

If you don’t know much about these characters you have to check it out. Very fun Series.


8. All Star Superman – Grant Morrison

( personal favorite of mine, check out his take on the X men which is amazing)

I love all of Morrison’s work, I especially love it when he takes a stab at re-working your favorite superheros in ways you would never expect but are totally in line with what the comics are about.


9. Maus – Art Spiegelman

A powerful account of the holocaust told with the richeness of a novel.


10. Ghost World – Daniel Clowes

“I can’t relate to 99% of humanity. ” -Seymour



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