April 14, 2009


“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only passion of life”

– Federico Fellini

For first issue of The Experience Gallery we chose the theme Passion because we wanted to meet people passionate in some way in their lives. We talked to chefs, humanitarians, activists, dancers, professors on what they were passionate about in their lives.

What is passion to you?

Is it being able to take a jump off the deep end just on a feeling alone?


Is it feeling so strongly about something you want to remember it forever?


Is it the unspoken longing for someone or something else?



Find out what these 8 individuals are passionate about in their lives:

Kevin Break, Kristy Choo, Neal Fraser, Tom Boellstorf, Issa Sharp, Kelly Sloan, Erin Rank, Tina Park

The Experience Gallery


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